From having close family in south Spain and working with our authentic Spanish supplier we have Learnt from some of the best home cooks using the best Spanish ingredient making homemade tapas. More vegetarian options and desserts are available.

Pricing options per person
1. Cold meats cheese olives £5.50; 2. Two hot two cold £12.00; 3. Two hot three cold. £14.00; 4. Three hot three cold. £16.00

Please note: VAT will be added to all orders



Paprika white bait alioli


Ponchos pork kebabs

Albondigus meatballs


Patata bravas (dice fried potatoes)

Chorizo and bread

Tortilla Spanish omelette

Spanish selection olives gherkins capers chilli and artichoke

Boquerones Spanish anchovies in oil vinegar and garlic

Gazpacho classic tomato pepper cucumber soup

Cold meats chorizo Serrano ham and salami served with bread

Spanish cheese

Included in the price as standard are the on-site presence of one of our qualified chefs, sauces and condiments, display table and serving dishes.