The BBQ menu

We have three types of menus catering to between 30 to 200 covers. Simply choose your mains and salads for your party and we will do the rest. Vegetarian options and dessert are available

Pricing Options: The menus are prices per person
2 mains 3 salads = £14.00; 3 mains 3 salads = £16.00; 3 mains 4 salads = £18.00; 4 mains 3 salads = £19.00; 4 mains 4 salads = £21.00; 5 mains 5 salads = £26.00

Please note: VAT will be added to all orders




6oz prime beef burger with
Caramelised red onions Kraft cheese

Cotswold pork and herb sausage

Lemon and thyme chicken thighs

Pork loin steak mustard and cider

Chicken kebabs

Buttered corn on the cob

6oz beef chorizo chilli burger WITH Roasted pepper gruyere cheese

German sausage

Garlic rosemary lamb koftas with tzatziki

Spanish pork pinchinto

6oz prime beef kidney bean burger with
Jalapeño pepper Monterey Jack cheese

Classic hot dog and mustard mayonnaise

Whiskey bbq spare ribs

Piri piri garlic chicken

Jack Daniels and sage marinated pork chop


Choose from: New potatoes red onion and chive; Creamy cloeslaw; Caesar salad; Nicoise; Tomato horseradish carpaccio; Salad leaves; Roasted new potatoes rosemary; Roasted vegetables cous cous peanut pesto; Greek salad; Roast sqaush pea mint yoghurt; Waldorf; Raw raw salad Asian dressing; Beet root chick pea rocket salad; Vietnamese cabbage and rice noodle salad; Chared broccoli sweet potatoes sunflower seeds

Included in the price as standard are the on-site presence of one of our qualified chefs, sauces and condiments, display table and serving dishes and the BBQ.